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The ransparency in education

1. Education transparent means:

a) That students have access to the production of each other
b) What is written in a glass
c) The teacher publishes his thoughts on each student
2. Social networks:

a) Facilitate and promote transparency
b) They are the biggest obstacle to transparency
c) They are a waste of time
3. The term "network" means:

a) Individuals who are being caught
b) Individuals who come as part of a group
c) Individuals addicted to the Internet
4. Who chooses to learn in network:

a) Waste time
b) It is encouraged by the group
c) It makes a bad choice
5. Within the communities where we practice the transparency there is a potential teaching:

a) Why learn about the work of others
b) As a student studies and others do plagiarism
c) The teacher receives all jobs by email
6. With social networks, the center of learning is:

a) Students
b) The institution
c) The professor and his program
7. Due to the transparency:

a) The student is evaluated only after all
b) The student is constantly assessed and helped to improve their learning
c) The teacher does not know where to go there, find information
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